Nov 09

It doesn't bother me

It doesn't bother me

What doesn't bother me?

She doesn't talk to me anymore

We've only been friends for four years

It doesn't bother me

Her eyes are mearly a thousand layers of striking blue

It doesn't bother me 

After all this time, she used her own music stand

We always share, I shouldn't care

It doesn't bother me 

I don't want her, truly 

If I could have someone else, I would 

She's so sunny and full of color 

I'm a thunderstorm, absorbing everyone's pain 

It doesn't bother me 

I thought she loved me

That tied me to her, I have a need to be loved 

She made me laugh

I made her cookies

She made me wait, forever

I did nothing of the sort 

It doesn't bother me

Now's my chance, show them all

At first, I thought I was finally free

Yet, when I cut the bad things out of my life, the good falls away too

She doesn't deserve my tears, I shouldn't let her have them

What does it matter, in the long run? 

She stopped, I won't talk too

And if she sees this - If you see this - just know

It doesn't bother me