Nov 14
poem challenge: Urgency

a letter to our generation and the ones to come

you don't know me. 
you probably will never know me.
but i have some things that i want to say
and i want you to listen to me. our
time is running out and
we will soon be stranded
thinking of the past
wondering what we could've done 
maybe even wishing 
we had listened.
we will regret the things we never did
                      the things we never said
                      the actions we never took
we will regret it all
and that burden of guilt will
be passed on for
you to carry the rest of your life. 
can you not see the forests burning?
can you not see the lakes drying up?
can you not see the animals dying?
can you not see the world straining under all the weight we give it 
it's facade crumbling-
fading away to dust.
can you not see the black veil over everyone's eyes
they choose to be ignorant
because if they acknowledge it
they somehow think it's their fault.
it's a pound of bricks that everyone carries now
but what we choose to do with those bricks
is only up to us. 
i do hope
that one day 
you will forgive us 
for our lack of action
     our lack of attention
     our fault 
     our fault
     our fault
because we didnt pick our heads up out of the sand
because we didnt listen
because we didnt make a fucking decision

forgive us 
do better
prove us wrong
and step up.