Nov 15
poem challenge: Thanks

You will accept my thank yous

I want to thank every man who ever doubted me aloud
Just because I could rock a crop top better than you ever could
Thank you for reminding me that my passion has no limits
I will compress your coal hatred and turn it into diamonds
I want to thank the teachers who told me to shut up
It only made me louder, gave me better things to say
No, I have not put my hand down
Since we last have spoken
And I think you might appreciate the answers that I give
I want to thank all the boys who whispered "bitch" under their breath
This bitch learned how to bite with all the nipping at her heels
So now I can protect myself by dodging the barbed insults
And knock them off their feet with all the other words I know
I'd like to thank the men who spit out the word feminist
You gave me a label that I can wear with pride
Thanks to all your disgust I have found a group of people
Who love and smile at me 
Who I'd really like to thank