Nov 16


I lay on the ground, alone
A caterpillar crawls on the stem of my palm
Crawl, crawl, crawl, stop.
Why did it stop?
Why didn't I stop myself? 

I could've helped you
Only I watched you suffer
I let my tears form a river
I do not care anymore
The river carries bad memories and thoughts with it
Streaming out of my head
Until there is nothing but a dead hole where my mind should be
Where my heart should be 

I feel nothing 

I stay like that for days
Not eating nor sleeping
Just there

This night, I look at the stars
They glow dully
Their luster now faded away
Reminding me of my short time in this life

What will I ever do without you?

The caterpillars have crawled under my skin
Through my veins
Into my organs and to my heart
They crawl and constrain 
I can’t take it, but, I do
They are now in cocoons 
Sleeping until glorious metamorphosis

Finally, I take my last breath
They have grown now
They have evolved
The once caterpillars, now moths flutter inside me,
Through me, 
Out of me

The pain in my heart fades
I am free

I don't miss you anymore