Nov 16
poem challenge: Winter

Ice Flowers

Snowflakes are falling from the blue sky
Sticking to the ground like a layer of powder sugar 
There are animal tracks in the snow
They lead to a pond not far from the main roads of a city 
The pond is frozen solid
Tiny ice flowers litter the ice 
This is the first time in years they have come 
The delicate ice flowers sparkle in the sun
Like millions of tiny diamonds
By afternoon they will be gone 
Melted into the lake by the bright sun 
The pond is untouched by any life
All the trees are dusted in a light layer of snow
A cool breeze blows the snow all around 
A cheerful bird chirps off in the distance 
Telling its tale of a sunny winter morning, of a pond with ice flowers 
The chirping gets louder and birds appear 
In the treetops all around the pond
Rabbits leap out of bushes 
Squirrels hop out and gather around the pond 
Chipmunks with cheeks stuffed with acorns 
Gather around the pond too
Soon enough forest animals of all shapes and sizes are all gathered around the pond
All of them are there to see the beautiful ice flowers 
Before they melt in the bright afternoon sun 
Welcome winter, they say