Jan 06
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Getting out

    “I snuck across the bedroom, my socked feet padding soundlessly on the floorboards. As quietly as I could, I opened the door just enough so I could slip through, and started down the narrow hallway. A sliver of moonlight had crept in, through a tiny gap in the curtains, and it lit up a slice of the carpet, just enough so I could see where I was. I tiptoed down the rickety old stairs, and winced when I heard the creak of a loose step. I froze, and held my breath, listening to make sure that nothing had heard the infinitesimal sound I had just made, and come to investigate. It seemed the no one had; the night remained as still and silent as ever, so I proceeded onto the landing. I took a cautious step forward, daring someone to challenge me, and demand what I was doing sneaking out of the house at midnight. But no one did. It wasn't like they cared about me anyway. The only reason why the people in this orphanage wanted me to stay was for the business. No one in would want to come to “The orphanage where the little girl ran away.” So they kept me here, and pretended that all they wanted was for me to have a good life. But I could see right through their empty smiles. When they were with us, all they talked about was what sweet little girls we were, but the second they turned away I caught them giving each other the why-are-we-stuck- with-these-little-brats faces. I had finally had enough of it. I had to get out.” “Mommy! What happened to you after that? You can't just stop there!” “Sorry honey, that's for another time. Goodnight, Sammy.” “Goodnight.” He mumbled. I slowly closed the door, and left my son’s room. 
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