Nov 18
nonfiction challenge: Winter
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    Stepping out of the front door of my house, I was immediately greeted by the bite of the crisp morning air. My nose had turned a bright shade of pink that can only be brought forth by the chill of winter. My fingertips started to go numb, the feeling slowly creeping upwards as I hurried into my car. Shutting the door behind me with a loud thud, I gave a long exhale which resulted in a hazy cloud spreading out in front of me. I slid my key into the ignition and turned the heat on full blast, willing it to fill the car with warmth as fast as it could. As I waited for the car’s interior to become nice and toasty, I gazed out of the newly defrosted window. 

The hints of autumn were freshly gone, replaced by the frost and decay that tags along with the winter season. Beautiful leaves with rich and vibrant colors that adorn the trees become piles of almost colorless leaves on the ground. The green grass becomes hidden by a blanket of snow, covering everything the eye could see. The once full of life nature scene became a lifeless variation where everything is muted and looks to be out of place.

There is a beauty in all of these things, the way that the Earth pauses to rest for part of the year. The way that everyone simply holds what they are doing to breathe and take in the changing world. The way that we fail to see this beauty right in front of us. I realized that my car was warm, I could no longer hear my dry hands rubbing together in an attempt to heat up. I turned my attention to driving, and as I drove away, my car leaving an exhaust trail behind me, I failed to recognise the beauty I saw. Maybe next time, I think I will appreciate it more. 

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