Nov 18

Time Capsule

If you open this in ten years time
Whether it be in a box underground or online
I hope that you take this with a grain of salt
Because I’m sure that things have changed a lot

Here in the year twenty twenty-one
It is the month november, the year is almost done
Right now is nothing too unique or special
But I imagine that later this will be sentimental

I hope that you think that this message is nice
And that you will accept my free advice
Because although this might be stuck in the past
It can be very helpful even though time has passed

Keep your head held high and stand proud
Just ignore people that try to tear you down
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind
And don’t be afraid to say goodbye

The world right now is a scary place
And I’m sure your right now moves at a fast pace
But it's nothing you haven’t handled before
Just stay calm and try to just breathe a bit more

Everything will be alright it always is
Nothing will change that in only ten years
Maybe you’re going to be struggling a lot these days
But in truth everything is never perfectly okay

Just go with the flow and land on the ground
With your feet planted solidly safe and sound
After that move on to find your next adventure
And put all your efforts into your next venture

Hopefully you won’t regret what you have done in the past
As nothing can change what will always last
But as of right now I am proud that you have made it this far
And that you will continue to do so much more.