Nov 19
humor challenge: Cat Person
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I have many times labeled myself as a dog person and most definitely not a cat person. I believe that I have more insight than most into this topic because I have had both cats and dogs. Now it may have just been my experience or my cats but I do not like most cats. This is not just an unfair bias because I gave my cats many chances to prove me wrong and they never did. We originally got cats to kill mice in our house but once they stopped doing that they were virtually useless. My oldest cat probably ruined it for the other one because she would always pee in my room and pee in the vent that heats our entire house. Because of this I never liked this cat and most of the time never like the other one either. However my dog Sammy was my best friend and still is to this day. He shows me love and a sort of bond that my cats never could. Emotionally Sammy always felt like a real member of the family while my cats just seemed to be in the background. After about the 70th time that our cat had peed in the vent we decided to get rid of her, so we did. A week or two later the other cat left and now it’s just me and my best friend the way I always wanted it to be.
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