Nov 19
opinion challenge: Winter
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Winter is fun for the kids and for some adults. I love to sled. When the snow is soft like powder, you can go fast. You have more control but if it is compacted snow you go slower but better control. When it turns to ice, you go so fast that you can get one to five, maybe more feet in the air. The jump is made out of snow and becomes hard,so that it will not get destroyed.

The three most common snow types are powder, compact, and ice. Powder is very good for sledding. It is the second best for sledding unless there is a foot of powder. The compact snow  can turn to ice much better than powder. Ice makes the snow super hard and slippery. You go so fast and have little to no control.

When there is a lot of compact snow, you can make snowballs and snowmen or a snowwoman. You can make small snowballs and a small snow base or a huge one. The possibilities are endless.

When winter comes around it gets really cold. One time it was negative eighteen degrees fahrenheit.  There wasn’t any school! 

For winter you should wear a warm coat, boots, snow pants and gloves/mittens.I love winter very much unless it comes too fast.

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