Nov 20
nonfiction challenge: Thanks
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Thanks Family

Amina Peco age 11 Essex Junction

Thanks to my family,thanks to my friends. Thank you to all my teachers,who have taught me so much in the past. Thanks to my cousin,for keeping me happy. Thank you to my dad who keeps me happy,every night and day. Thank you to my mom and my brother for explaining things to me. Why might I say thank you to every person I listed,because they're there for me when I need it. I hope and I dream that they get the best. The best of everything,the best of love,the best of care. I want them to know that I'm always there for them,if they need someone to brighten up their day. I try my best to keep them happy,and show them that I care. I want them to know it's okay to be sad,and that if they need me I'm right there. I want them to know that if there is something they want to talk about I am willing to listen. If they need help with anything I will be there. I will always enjoy making new memories with them,and remembering the old. Going back and talking about old memories that have happened in the past is the best. Having a good laugh or sharing a big smile. I love my family so much,they do so much for me and I want to do so much for them. I hope they know that I love them so much,and that they mean the world to me.

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