Nov 26
nonfiction challenge: Thanks
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Thankful for me

I want to thank the voice in my head.
The voice that stays confined in my headspace and communicates solely with me.
The one that whispers to me in the dark and coaxes me out towards the light.
The very voice that reminds me to stand up and keep hacking away at the obstacles in my current pathway.
The one that doesn’t give up on me when I want to cave into a pit of despair.
This voice rationalizes and strategizes my next moves of the day,
And uplifts me to pour my heart and soul into things that bring me happiness.
Without the constant pushing, I wouldn’t be on the pathway I am today.

I want to thank the body that has been behind all the actions I’ve done to date.
All the running on trails that have led to rewarding mountaintops could never have been done if it weren’t for my body putting forth one foot in front of the other.  
I’m able to help out my family’s restaurant which requires standing for hours on end.
Never an easy task to do with the continuous hustle that takes place in the kitchen.
I wouldn’t have been able to participate in sports and achieve personal records if I didn’t have the physique I’ve attained through strenuous training. 
I move my body to alleviate tension and infiltrating thoughts out of my system.
I’m forever grateful for my body and health that allows me to do such things.

I want to thank myself for showing up for myself.
Life isn’t always balanced.
Some days make you slouch more than others,
Yet we cannot forget to put ourselves first no matter the circumstances.
I wake up before the sun has the pleasure to greet me,
And venture out to places that bring me contentment. 
I have never regretted any early morning where that time is dedicated solely on me.    
To be able to wake up to the next day with the sunrise nipping at your heels, is something I will cherish for a long time.
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