Nov 29


By the end of one school day I’ve somehow lost my last 
two pencils, have transferred my hair from down to a ponytail at least 
three times and have spent the last
four hours in absolute confusion from a combination of both my own stupidity and the 
five hours of sleep I got last night.

When I get back home I immediately ignore my homework until about 
six p.m. when it becomes unavoidable but after about ten minutes of science and just
seven minutes of math homework I’m ready for bed but spend 
eight more minutes on my phone until the hour hits exactly 
nine p.m. due to my own personal obsession.

Then I head to bed only to spend another 
ten minutes thinking about the embarrassing slip and fall I took in front of the 
eleventh graders during lunch, which were french fries, a 
twelve letter series of words which I noted for Scrabble.

Eventually I fell asleep replaying embarrassing moments from when I was 
thirteen and younger while also playing my playlist which had exactly 
fourteen songs. I need to update it.

Fifteen minutes pass and then another 
sixteen and still no sleep but finally I fall asleep to a song by 
Seventeen, most of my playlist is filled with their songs.
Good night!