Nov 30
poem challenge: Glittering

The Thankgsving Sadness

I have waited for this 

wonderful day to come,

so when it arrived

 I shouted with glee.

I couldn't wait to 

have a big feast.

I woke up in the dim light

 just to get ready.

As I bake, the beautiful smell

 of turkey, mashed potatoes, and cornbread

  floats through the house.

I set the table with

 stunning golden plates

 and forks.

I was about to sit down

 in the chair that looks 

like it was made out of clouds. 

They shooed me away 

so they could sit

 in all their glittering glory

 across the room from me.'s picture
About the Author: [email protected]
Chelsey Hook
Author has not loved anything.