Nov 30
fiction challenge: Glittering
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Oh my god. How could I have lost them? I finally scored the lead role in the school play and I lost my shoes two hours before the show is supposed to start. I’m so stupid, Mr. Daniels even told me to leave them at school so I didn’t lose them. I was just too excited about my costume, so I snuck them home to try on again. These aren’t any old shoes, either. I can’t just use other ones. The play we’re doing is The Wizard of Oz and I’m playing Dorothy! The shoes are kind of important. It took Mr. Daniels months to find these too. Apparently they don’t sell red glittering shoes just anywhere. So here I am running around my house, checking every room, every cabinet, every nook, and every cranny. They’re nowhere! I check until the last possible minute and still can’t find them. But I have to leave or else I’ll be late for the show. After a very solemn car ride I get to the school and walk into the auditorium. My tail between my legs so to speak, ready to confess my sin. Then I see them. There they sat, in all their glittering glory, far across the room from me sitting on a table. I have absolutely no clue how they got there. I was pretty sure I brought them home, but I was too happy to care. Although, Mr. Daniels had a weird smile on his face when I slyly crossed the room and grabbed them. 

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