Nov 30
poem challenge: Glittering
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Strangers' love

I set my mug down on the table.
I couldn’t manage to figure out the word cross.
I frustratedly dragged my hand across my face,
And decided to take a break.
I looked up at the crowd, and my eyes immediately found them.
In all my people-watching, I had never seen people like them.
Their eyes were so full of affection,
And joy radiated off of them like a golden cloud.
All of this love felt so warm, even from over here.

I watched their smiles grow,
And their conversations flow,
But only for each other.
They never seemed to notice anyone else, 
Their attention never strayed elsewhere.
I had never seen a bond such as theirs,
So beautiful and raw,
Just pure everlasting love.
There they sat, in all their glittering glory, far across the room from me.
And all I could do
Was yearn for a love like theirs.
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