Nov 30
poem challenge: Labyrinth

Limbic system

My mind is no Minotaur
My mind is no medusa or scylla, siren or Cerberus
This limbic system is a labyrinth
It's not hungry and not murderous
There are only hallways and doors without locks
But there is no sunlight, no music, no clocks
Your footsteps would be muffled
No sound penetrates the air
But there's no monster up behind you
No one else is there
There aren't any zombies
Jars of eyes or stacks of bone
There aren't any hands to hold
The hero's all alone
It's not pitch black and creepy
But certainly there's no beach
The only light comes from a candle
That's always out of reach
And when you come to the center
All done is your sloughing and sluffing
There's no treasure to await you
For my mind is made
Of nothing