Dec 02
poem challenge: Glittering
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So Far Above

I wished I was like them

The ones that seemed so far above me

Like even if I climbed the highest mountains

Flew up above the clouds

Even reached the far stretches of space

I would still never reach them

Never feel how good it felt to be up there

Looking down on us

And all we can do is look up

See them up on their thrones

There they sat, in all their glittering glory, far across the room from me

Because you can be miles apart

Even in the same room

All the people struggling at the bottom of the ocean

Trying to get to the top

Just for a chance to breathe

Just for one chance to see how it feels

To have the wind blowing through your hair

Your feet never have to touch the ground

Like you own the world

Up in your own dry space

Never cold

Never fighting for a chance

To feel perfect

Because for them

Everything is perfect

And they don’t notice

The people below them holding them up

They’ve always been up there

And they don’t see the people blowing the wind at their hair

They're not people to them

There tools

And they don’t know how it feels

To be thrashing around

Trying to get above the water

To get just one more breath

Because all they know is how to fly

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