Dec 02
poem challenge: Glittering
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Second Chances?

There they sat, in all their glittering glory, far across the room from me.
The possibilities and remnants of what could have been.
The hidden potentials I would never have the pleasure to redeem.
They sat proud and tall across the vast empty chamber,
Showing glimpses of my success, in various degrees of my own making, as my eyes wandered to each clone of myself.  
Each individual replica exuded victory over their accomplishments that got them to where they are now. 
I could feel the pride radiate from them, and it was a contagious feeling. 
One that made me want to chase after them and become their entire being. 
But I no longer had the chance to embody any of these versions of myself. 
All because I didn’t start somewhere.
During the years of my living, I never pushed myself to discover.
I never went out of my comfort to make myself uncomfortable.
I never was present in the opportunities that aligned themselves in my journey.
To never start was as good as accepting where I was and that advancing was no possibility.
And now I’m left with the glorious figures that sat parallel to me, with their lips thinned and their scrutinizing glares directed at me. 
Their anger was justifiable.
I never gave either of them a chance to live.
And now all I’m left with is regret. 

-My Biggest Fear

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