Dec 03

It's winter again

I felt your footsteps on the stairs again –
I heard the creaking from the wood.
Daddy, this house is banal and rusting –
It badly needs some polish and oiling.

The paint on the walls is flaking off
And every deadly fume I breathe in –
I exhale in a lovely grey smoke ring
And twirl around thinking it’s winter's greeting.

The corners' shadows protrude on walls –
Casting darkness on past family pictures.
I light candles to avoid drowning. 
Daylight savings is time spent wasting. 

When it shivers the shutters tremble –
Leaving us scavenging for the covers.
The cold water dripping down from the ceiling –
This is the epitome of the winter feeling.

About the Author: Sawyer Fell
i have a vision of what i want to do but the picture is too blurry and i can never remember to clean my glasses.