Dec 06
fiction challenge: Hope
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Hope and Happiness

                Hope is a dreadful yet positive word. It weaves through the most difficult times but can change the life of anyone. Hope and determination are powerful combinations. One by itself is easily overlooked, but if two of the most mind-grappling words are placed together it can open a new realm of possibilities. Sadness drapes over the lives of many like shadows. However, hope is like the sun trying to peek through the angry clouds after an unwanted storm. It can shower the world below through simple means, even if people think the worst. The world without happiness is near but the feeling of hope bounces back like a boomerang ready for battle. 
                 The world is experiencing havoc. The deadly outbreak of the Coronavirus has taken the lives of so many people without a warning. Nearly 3,000 people gain their angel wings because something with an evil smirk and battered wings has taken over. COVID is banging on people’s doors and letting itself in without mutual understanding. Something that will not go away when asked to. The little voice that goes by the name of hope is silenced and the negative thoughts start pouring in astronomically. The bright future of the younger generation is slowly fading away and taking its last breath. It’s like the air is poisonous for those who seek it. It’s like the world doesn’t want you to succeed amidst the darkest of times. Many people approach the end of the tunnel and see nothing but pure darkness. Two evil eyes stare back and the hopeless ones look down, apparently doomed forever. The memories before the childhood destroyer are being shredded to pieces but as promised, hope is on its way from its long journey. It just takes people a while to realize how an emotion as strong as hope will never be diminished even if the person its tackling is.       
                The evil eyes blink frantically and the hopeless ones slowly rise from despair. Although the world around them is warming up again, icy shots of pain are shooting throughout the body. Hope is slowly rising from the dead and resuscitating the lost. It soon approaches a wall that is labeled do not enter. Hope is smart, hope is ambitious, hope knows how to get around the unthinkable. And so, with its unimaginable senses, it closes its eyes and sends distant memories down a broken path, hoping it will lead it right where they need to go. The body jolts itself awake as if someone had just poured a bucket filled with ice-cold water down its shirt. With that bucket of water comes a thread of encouragement telling the body to remember all of those joyful memories that the dark angel couldn’t wrap its hands around. The clouds are breaking and the sun soon coats the despair with instant happiness. A smile that was buried deep in the soul has unexpectedly appeared and the tiny voice; hope is cheering and praying that this happiness is for good. This is what matters now.
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