Dec 07
poem challenge: Hope
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What do I hope for?
A pause. 
A day when everything just stops.
Nothing due.
Nothing to do.
Just a break.

A day where I can take a deep breath.

Where I can sleep and be as lazy as I want without leaving a pile of work for the next day. 

A day where I don’t care, and I don’t have to care. 

Sit down and empty my mind completely. 

Not a single thought coursing through my head in a tangled mess at a million miles a minute. 

There’s always something to do,

Too much to do.

If you didn’t get it done today, more work for tomorrow.

Task after task piles on. 

Onto my shoulders.

Onto my chest. 

And everything gives way.  

Carrying around a heavy weight constantly. 

It’s suffocating.

All I hope for is a day to breathe.

A pause.

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