Dec 09
essay challenge: Holidays
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Many Merry Christmases

 When I think of the holidays many Images dance through my head.   The first thing to come to mind is my advent calendar.    I picture the excitement as I count down the days until Christmas.   I see myself savoring the smooth and decorative chocolates.
  A few chocolates later the thought of decorating flows through my head.   We lug up all the totes, first the elves, then the lights, then the ornaments.  My family gathers in the living room sprinkling colorful trinkets everywhere.   I picture my sisters and I picking out the perfect spots to place the elves.   I Imagine my mom counting to make sure all 30 elves are up.  

  Next Images of picking out the perfect tree fill my head.   I picture my grandparents and cousin meeting my family at the tree farm.  I Imagine my siblings, cousin and me prancing through the field in search of the tree.   I remember the excitement of hollering we found it and watching the adults inspect the trees.   I can picture my sister and I lying in the mud taking turns sawing it down, my snowsuit growing hotter and hotter.   I see my dad and grandpa dragging the trees to the stands to be clad in green plastic netting and brought home.   Thoughts of decorating the tree in our cozy living room linger in my mind.   I remember the tedious task of untangling the lights with my siblings and making sure they all work.   Then hanging all of the ornaments one by one.   I remember the feeling of sitting in front of the tree admiring all of our hard work. 
 5 chocolates later It is time for Christmas shopping.   I remember the joy when my grandparents brought me to the craft fair.   My mind fills with memories of excitement when I pick out the perfect gifts.   Then my thoughts shift to wrapping the gifts.  I picture myself scavenging for wrapping paper, bags, and colorful boxes. 

6 chocolates later it is Christmas eve.   Thoughts of putting out our gifts with joy futter through my head.   I picture my siblings and I putting out milk and cookies for Santa.   I remember the feeling of going to bed on Christmas eve.   Full of happy thoughts.
I remember how on Christmas morning my siblings and I always woke up around 6:00 am.   I remember us all peeking into my parents' room to wake them up because we were eager to open our presents.   I picture my mom saying to open our stockings well we wait.   I can almost feel the excitement as I remember us scurrying to take our stockings down.   Thoughts of joy fill my head as I picture myself emptying my stocking of all the goodies.   Soon enough mom and dad would be up.   I can form an image in my mind of us all eagerly opening our presents now.   I can almost hear the memory of my mom reminding us to slow down and put the wrapping paper in the trash. 
In conclusion, my Christmas is full of many amazing memories.   How about yours?

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