Dec 15
fiction challenge: Inside Cat
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Indoor Cat Dream

I am an indoor cat. My life is relaxed and boring. My days are serene and my naps are quiet. I spend my days lounging, eating, getting my nails clipped, and most of all, longing to venture into the outside world. To roll in the green carpet, to  climb the tall trees and run and play and scratch and have fun. I want to drink from the cold cool stream, instead of drinking from the boring blue bowl. More than anything, I want to catch one of the gray fast squeaky “mice” that scamper through the green outdoor carpet at night. For now I will have to deal with the stick with a mouse on the end filled with catnip. BORING! I want to bring my humans a mouse for them to enjoy and learn how much better the outside is than the glowbox in the living room. I would like to lounge in the sun, and warm my entire body instead of over the dusty heater in the playroom. I would like to see the frozen white rain that falls out of the sky when cold air starts coming in the door and creates a large blanket over everything, perfect for tunneling, romping and playing.  The idea of being able to go on adventures makes my tail swish. I see the neighbors dog, Milo, walking and running and playing, doing whatever he pleases. Chasing squirrels and chipmunks, and bullying other small animals. I wish to show him how we cats play. My hunting skills are better than his and I am a sad pathetic indoor cat.
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