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nonfiction challenge: Holidays
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Swedish Tradition

I come from a Swedish family. Here are some traditions that we have. One tradition that we have is as a family we watch a TV show every day until Christmas (God Jul) eve. Every year there is a new show that is put on the TV. SVT Barn Play. The show we are watching this year is about a robber who stole something and a child is blamed for it. On Christmas eve, we open the gifts and sing in Swedish. We usually open all the gifts on Christmas eve and not on Christmas like they do in the U.S.   

Another tradition that we have is that we have mini goats made out of straw that we place under our tree. In Sweden there is a giant goat that is set up for Christmas eve. 

Another tradition that we do every year is that we open the stockings in the morning and eat lussebulle and drink glögg. Lussebulle is a saffron bread with two raisins on the top and in the shape of a swirl. Glögg is a sweet drink that is usually warm with almonds and raisins in it. Adults sometimes drink it with alcohol in it.    

We see Santa on Christmas night and sometimes on Christmas eve. We sometimes give him a carrot for his reindeer and glögg. Santa gives us one gift each for my sister and I. We go to see Santa at our granparent’s house who we call farmor and farfar. We usually always go to gramma and grampa’s on Christmas eve morning but this year they are coming over to our new house. 

I love having Swedish traditions and these are some of the ones that we practice. I can’t wait for Christmas eve to come.   God Jul!

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