Dec 17
fiction challenge: Reach
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The Killmas Tree

One dark and snowy night at a Christmas tree farm, a farmer gave a tree some plant food. Little did he know that the food was toxic. This would kill any ordinary tree, but this tree was large enough that it got mutated! The first thing it did was eat the farmer, and that was when it got the name, the Killmas Tree.

 The tree shuffled to the nearest city named Oakville and ate some buildings. Every time it ate something it got bigger. It even ate the Townsquare and got a star on its head. A man in a tuxedo said, “Doesn't this remind you of Holes IO?” he screams as he gets eaten. The Killmas tree then goes on to eat a building. Soon, super lumberjack comes to the scene.

 He swings with his ax but it just bounces off the Killmas tree. He then gets a flamethrower out of his truck just as it gets destroyed. It died from the flames. Little did he know, the seeds survived.

 A week later, as he's fighting the Killmas tree’s children, he says, ”That was the moment when I knew it had all flown out of my reach.”

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Chelsey Hook