Dec 21
fiction challenge: Inside Cat
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Windowsill What-ifs

     Oh, how I wish to be out in the world. As I sit here on the window sill, watching others from outside walking, playing and being free. If only I could break through this window and run. Run as far as my little paws will take me. What if I was a big cat, I could run past my city and run into the forest, with the breeze in my fur and the soft pit-pat of my paws on the dirt and grass, running through the fields of flowers and tall grass. I could be as fast as a cheetah, smelling the flowers without a care in the world. Or, what if I could be a big cat in the jungle or in the plains, roaming around, climbing trees, or even meeting other big cats like me. What if I could hunt for prey that isn't just in this apartment complex. Imagine chasing a ginormous mouse. Then I could keep what I catch instead of it going into the black baggy where the dirty food and garbage goes. What if I had thumbs? Those mice are probably still in there. I could retrieve what is rightfully mine. Those mice, always rankling me. What if I was a big cat, I could show them who’s boss. If I was a big cat, I could be clad in cool stripes or spots, camouflaging and hiding in places, ready to pounce and play. I've been in every corner of the building. These humans are weird. They don’t realize that there is a hole, big enough for me to fit into, next to the closet. I like to go places and see new things. What if I could adventure anywhere and no one could stop me. If only I had the courage to do so. What if I could be the biggest cat in the whole world? Even if I’m not going to be the biggest big cat. I want to feel the biggest. But for now, as I sit on the windowsill, I am appreciative and content with my kingdom in this apartment. 

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