Dec 30

the walk of Fraudulence (two thousand five hundred silkworms)

we are made up of atoms of unfairness, deception
atoms upon atoms upon nothing upon everything
how can we say that we are wondrous and all-knowing? 
the imaginary negative value is too great; it outweighs all but anger
and stupidity
I claim imaginary, as infinity is an imposture

do not fear those with great power
for power breeds burdens and deathly obsessions--
they are strong, only in your eyes; 
they feed upon glorified flattery, worship

we worship wars that come in barrels and ships, barrel-chested men
oh Caesar,           Great Nonpareil,           here are roses sown from our humble flesh
you are undefeatable, deadened from our tiring gaze--
you see, we are so well-meaning 
we do not understand how there came to be anger, jealousy 
(born from human weakness)
instead, envy those with ignorance, clasped between grubby palms
men shall knight them for their candor, like candy toffee pulled between two wicks,
impossible to torture or starve           away, 
as they are the kings of our golden species, unable to tell a fault
hair wreathed in silk and the fluttering streamers of graduation
It takes two thousand five hundred silkworms 
to produce a pound of raw silk

still, I cower in front of opportunity and authority, wearing many faces
I am the substructure of the community, of which order is built upon Trust and Sympathy
Fraudulence cannot reserve a seat at the temples of either
repentance is unseekable; no blade is sharp enough to cut through           shame
atoms upon atoms upon nothing upon everything
I wait for clothes of silk and silver plastic ribbons,
while nuclear fission waits for me