Dec 31

Another Year Waits

Hundreds of days have passed,
hundreds of seconds,
of words,
since we were faced 
with trouble.
Maybe more than that,
for some.
we have been able to 
continue on through
these troubles,
no matter the effect 
on our lives. 
We have confronted
every moment 
with answers,
and still,
another year waits for us.
Another year waits
even though we have been 
chosen by challenges.
Another year waits
even though we have
made mistakes.
Another year waits 
even though we are
tired of fighting so hard. 
And no matter 
how unsure,
or scared,
or exhausted
some may be,
we still have to keep going,
keep trying,
keep living,
because another year waits,
with intents of fresh starts,
and perhaps the occasional stressful night,
just for us.