Jan 01
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Daisy queen

She said she was the daisy queen,
and I thought it suited her.
So joyful all the time,
so innocent and sweet, 
and always reaching for the sky.
One time she made me a daisy crown.
Gifted by the daisy queen,
I kept that crown in a glass box.
All dried up but still beautiful.
Perfectly preserved in time just like the memories of her.
A daisy is so cheery
but suddenly this daisy wasn't so lively anymore.
The petals started wilting.
The daisy tried so hard to stay happy and energetic,
but the weeds battled with this daisy,
and not all daisies are destined to be preserved and here forever.
This daisy succumbed to the weeds,
and then there was no more daisy.
Every night I would look at the dried daisy crown
and remember the daisy queen,
but unknown to me,
a seed was planted in me,
that seed grew into a daisy.
So I am more positive and bright,
Just like the daisy queen.
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