Jan 04

This month at YWP

IN THIS ISSUE OF THE VOICE ... To kick off 2022, we asked the YWP community to help create the January issue of The Voice. Three Guest Editors joined us for the challenge, selecting their favorite writing and art from the past few weeks for publication in this issue. A big thank you to editors:The guest editors' selections published in this issue:

​• I Can't Stop and It's Driving Me Crazy by thegreenone, paired with Sun Cycle 2 by Lizzy_Rights
• Me: The Novel by Immy, paired with Missing Summer (second photo) by Spoopy_Mouse

• Our Brass Menorah by ZoeBee, paired with Traces of Tradtions by emiliaw._
• Typewriters, Literature, and Wildflowers by GreyBean, paired with Through the Lens by catgato

The Lone Cat:
• Winter Mornings by Sunflowergirl, paired with Ice on the Window Pane by Vicarious
• Accent by AvaClaire, paired with Theoretical by Ice Blink


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LINE BREAK: Episode 51

Listen to the conversation between eyesofIris and gracebats! And you can follow all the Line Break episodes here! Would you like to be a host of Line Break next year? Send a message to eyesofIris!


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JAN. 20: WRITING WORKSHOP: Join Reuben Jackson and Alex Muck for "Narratives New and Old," a fun evening of online writing and sharing in a warm, supportive, stress-free zone! They have prompts to get you started, a little Beethoven to set the tone, and a lot of joy and inspiration to share. Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022, 6:30-8 PM, Zoom. More info and sign-up here!
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