Jan 05
fiction challenge: Someone
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The Boy From Her Dreams

Sarah woke up again, dreaming of someone who made her feel special and unique. She dreamed of someone who couldn't quite be placed but was always there for her when she needed him. Sarah didn’t not like dreaming of him every night, but she certainly didn’t like it either. The problem was that she didn’t know who he was. She’d definitely never met the boy, and that she’d remember someone as amazing as him. Sarah has depicted her dreams to her family and friends all the time, and how remarkable the boy was. Sarah had never felt exceptional before, and the boys’ affable disposition was starting to make her feel that way. How was it possible that she had a huge crush on a boy she had never met? None of the thousands of books she’d read were like this. Even the therapist her parents forced her to see after they heard about her dreams, tried to convince her that it wasn’t possible to like, maybe even love someone she’d never met. But she knew it was possible, no matter what anyone said. Her grades were starting to slip because she thought about him in class so often. Each night in her dreams the boy lionized her just for being herself. How could he know her, when she didn’t even really know herself? When she got a good grade, the boy praised her over and over again. How did the boy know that she got a great grade? It was almost like he was there with her, but that couldn’t be possible, could it? Sarah had so many questions. Sarah didn’t even know the young boy’s name, and she didn’t dare ask. 

But one day everything changed. There was a new kid in her class. Seems normal right? But it was the boy from her dreams. He was right in front of her, sitting at his desk, which just had to be right next to hers. He couldn’t really be here, could he? She later found out that the boy’s name was John. “What a nice name, for an even nicer boy,” she thought. 
(To be continued)

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