Jan 06
poem challenge: Jan. 6

One Year Ago ...

One year ago today,
January 6,
An unspeakable thing occurred,
Our fellow Americans tried to defeat democracy,
By marching on the place of our government,
The Capitol,
And with the flames and guns and Confederate flags,
They stormed in and tried to destroy democracy,
And failed,
Because in the words of my best,
Amanda Gorman,
"...while democracy can be periodically delayed, it can never be permanently defeated."
And so while trying to dethrone our fundamental right as Americans
They instead shone a light upon their 'fearless' orange leader,
And that light shone through the lies and tweets,
And brought forth the racist, fascist, tyrant he is,
And while I understand some who may disagree,
You must also understand that I sat at home watching the news, 
Crying because I thought they were going to destroy everything,
I had thought I was watching my country be torn down,
Piece by piece,
A World War III situation,
That I was watching unfold,
Democracy once again prevailed,
And now,
While I hear the clicking of my keyboard's keys,
I know that democracy will always persist over the hate spewed at us,
We who believe that liberalism is equality and love,
And that change is not something to fear,
But while also knowing that fear will always be there,
That it will never go away,
But that hope shall forever outshine,
And that no matter how hard we get pushed down,
We will endure and say, "Nah," like Rosa Parks,
We will remain peaceful like Martin Luther King,
We will forever rise above,
Get back up,
And raise our fists,
Throw a punch in the air,
And not give up on the light,
The hope,
Inside us.