Jan 07
poem challenge: Happiness is ...
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Happiness Is...

Happiness is waking up late in the summer to hear the birds chirping outside your open window. 
It’s racing through the sand at a beach.
And diving into cold water. 
Happiness is staring up into the night stars or feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. 

Happiness is eating freshly picked strawberries. 
It’s dark chocolate and lemonade. 
Or it could be making apple pie in the fall. 
And drinking hot tea watching the snow fall outside your window.

It’s when you can’t stop smiling after having a really good day. 
And laughing so hard you can’t breathe. 
Or scream-shouting song lyrics. 

Happiness is packing for a trip you’ve been waiting forever for.
It’s finding a new favorite song. 
And sharing your new song with someone else. 
It could be a really good hug,
Or a really good nap. 

Happiness is forgetting your problems for even a little amount of time. 
And making life special.

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