Jan 07
poem challenge: Five
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In an ordinary world, 
full of ordinary people,
how is it possible to be 

Civilians walk streets
that are all too familiar,
hardly making an effort 
to battle apathy.

It overtakes them.
It overwhelms you.
We are all in limbo
between young and old.

I offer my solution.

When you look out a window
and see the earth blanketed in snow,
don’t hesitate.
Pull on a jacket and make a snow angel.

Don’t huddle in the living room when it rains,
milky eyes glued to a fluorescent screen.
Open your front door and laugh at the sky;
breathe in the sweet, gray air.

Appreciate the absurd. 
Eat spaghetti with a spoon.
Wear shorts in January.
Talk to strangers in a foreign language.

If anyone is up in the cosmos,
watching over you,
they did not mean for you to hide yourself. 

They meant for you to complete your metamorphosis.

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