Jan 07
poem challenge: Mirror
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The Girl in the Mirror

I see​ the girl in the mirror every day

Only now she looks different

Her hair is longer

Her teeth are straighter

Her eyes have become lighter

I see her collarbone

It sticks out making her shoulders more shapely

I feel her skin as she reaches out of the mirror

Her soft fingers move down my face and through my hair

Her laugh is softer than mine, happier, prettier

I freeze as her lips open to speak

Her words spill out of her mouth, her lips, pink and soft

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I'm sorry you don’t look like you anymore”

I stand, frozen, as if she has stolen my voice and all sense of emotion

I watch her eyes dance around my body

The girl grabs my hands and pulls herself out of the mirror

She stands in front of me, her eyes inches above mine

Her clothes perfectly resting on her figure

Her hips sway as she walks behind me and pushes me into the mirror

And I float through the glass, stuck inside the mirror, becoming her reflection 

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