Jan 11

Ordinary people

I used to think we could do anything, love

But maybe we are only ordinary people

I’ve only got a year to love you

So let me make this quick

Thank you for the happiest year of my life

It’s truly been astonishing

The pictures we’ve painted together are breathtaking, and I wish we could live in them for the rest of our lives


I’m filling up with darkness now, love

And I don’t know how to keep myself from sinking

And though you’ve said you’ll follow me into the water

You shouldn’t drown too

Not for me

I used to think we were unstoppable, love

But maybe we are only ordinary people

That we could hang on forever, throw each other a rope and hold tight

I think we still can

But the rope is fraying, love

The knots are slipping and catching, over and over

All because I’m untying them

I tell you I’m fine

But you know how broken I am

You’re trying to save me, telling me you’re there

But it’s me who’s disappearing, love
I used to think we were uncontrollable, love

And maybe we are

But maybe we are only ordinary people

Let’s keep trying love, please let’s keep going

Because though we are both broken people, 

Knowing more about this shattered world than we’d like to

Let’s keep trying

Because somehow we are a little less fractured, together