Jan 11

Feminist Girl

Feminist girl refuses to wear pink for thirteen years
Pink has gagged us more than witch trials
Pink has restrained us more than corsets
Feminist girl only wears pink for two years
We were wrong, it is time to reclaim pink!
Won't it be sweeter when we beat them
To be wearing strawberry shortcake tops
Feminist girl follows feminist insta pages
#metoo #savethegirls #whatwouldRBGdo all day long
Feminist girl unfollows and blocks Margaret Atwood
All of those basic posts are doing nothing for womankind
Feminist girl buys 3 nasty gal bikinis
And does her hair and makeup and prepares to show them off
Feminist girl ends up throwing out said nasty gal bikinis
They make her feel fat, make her feel anorexic, make her want to vomit, make her want to binge
Feminist girl says she supports sex workers
And buys booty shorts she'll never wear from their small buisneses
But when her cousin becomes a stripper, she starts sobbing on the phone
And orders 3 pink pepper sprays from Amazon himself
Feminist girl decides that she is going to try freebleeding
She puts in a tampon forty minutes later
After changing three pairs of pants
Feminist girl is suicidal, but not in a male-dominated way
She wants to nibble at crackers in airy rooms until she drifts away
Feminist girl decorates her computer with thousands of pro-choice stickers
But when planned parenthood sends their monthly email, she never hits "donate"
Feminist girl loves herself, her body, the fact that she's a girl and she is a feminist girl at that
Feminist girl hates herself, her body, the fact that she has to be a feminist girl at all