Jan 12
fiction challenge: Island

A peculiar island

You won't find this island in your geography textbooks. Surrounded by the inky depths and roaring tides on unordinary water, my island sits on wooden posts and is fortified with walls. As the sole inhabitant of my personal abode, I shall let you in on the many secrets of my solitary home. The island is calm at the center of the storm, floating atop the dangerous blur of time. The air is still, let it fill your lungs and sink into its embrace. With landscape ever changing, your every need is met, surround yourself with necessities and sit to catch your breath. The stilts will hold your head aloft when you can't do the same. It will set you just above the crowd where you can hide away in peace. 

This island is a bed, but not just any bed. This island is a bunk bed and it belongs to me.