Jan 13
fiction challenge: Sixth
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The Alley Way

 I’ve always had the feeling that someone is always looking over my shoulder. I’ve been haunted by this thought for my whole life. At least it felt like that. It feels like a third parent. She or he’s always looked after me. I’ve always assumed that it’s a spirit of some sort. Always helping me on deciding something. Whether the idea’s the safest or best option or not.

I was walking on a sidewalk, about to go on a rickety bridge. It would creak like an old person every time someone stepped on it. It would whine and groan in the wind. It would sway side to side. An amiss feeling grabbed my gut. I stopped. I took a deep breath and looked at the bridge one last time. I turned away. I could feel the smile of the spirit looming over me. By the time I was almost home it was dark. I had only ten minutes until I was home. But ten minutes felt like an eternity. It was dark and it felt like more than one person was looking over me. I started to rush but I heard more footprints behind me. I thought about going into an empty alley just to see if they really were following me. They turned into the alley too. I tried to scream but nothing came out. It was a dead scream. By the time they were inches in front of me I hit the cold, brick wall. It was a dead end. I sat there praying that I came out of here alive. The guy looked at me once and then glared at me. I winced. I felt a big gust of wind, he turned around to see that nothing was there. Except it was the spirit, helping me. He ran out of the place with the most fearful expression on his face. I laughed but only a couple seconds later I ran home. My pace sped up a little. I was finally home. It was one in the morning. “How long was I outside for?” I ask myself. Father was asleep in the recliner and mom was asleep on the couch with the dog on the pillow that she was laying on. They were watching a movie. My little brother was asleep cuddling his favorite stuffed animal. I changed into my pajamas and turned off my lamp. I will always remember tonight with all of my heart and I’ll never forget how the spirit helped me. 

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