Jan 17


Do you know my hands like roadmaps
Or the freckles that trace my back like constellations
Ursa major above Rhomboid minor and your arms around my waist
Do you know the cracks on my teeth like the notes to Hallelujah
The fissures of my tongue like the feel of your retainer
The size of my wrists like piano keys when all the lights are off
Do you know the sound of my footsteps like the actors in your nightmares
Do you hear my voice in raven calls or in railroad tracks, pick only one
If I were to fall to my knees keening in an abandoned church, would my hemline tilt right or left
Have you felt my fingertips like thumbing through old books
What about my cheekbones like rosary beads or my lips like an heirloom cup
You could make your way into my heart
If you know my hands like roadmaps