Jan 18
opinion challenge: Review

A Thousand Ships

Did you read the Iliad and get upset by the sex slavery that wasn't touched on in your english lessons? Did you read the Odyssey and notice how nearly every woman was spun into a homewrecker, a succubus. Did you want more of Penelope, Helen, Bresies, Calliope, famous female monsters and women of greek mythology? You'll enjoy A Thousand Ships by Natalie Haynes. A retelling of the trojan war from the perspectives of all sorts of women mentioned in the myth, told at different stages of the epic. I absolutley loved this book, which was very surprising considering I normally dislike some of the aspects. There's split narration between a bunch of characters but it's done in a way that clearly ties everything together and I don't find it tedious or confusing to read. There's wonderful scenees done by the character of Calliope, the muse of poetry, and those chapters are my favourite. The writing is incredible, and made this well-known story seem completely new. This is the kind of book that will not leave you.