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essay challenge: Sixth
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Danger Intuition

I have so many ideas for a sixth sense for human beings, but one, in particular, stands out to me. Examples include the ability to do any one talent of your choosing fantastically, and a heightened sense of intuition. But, the ability that I think will be the most beneficial and crucial with our current generations, is the ability to predict, and sense danger. This sense would be major in our society because it could help prevent despicable calamities, and in doing so, save a lot of peoples’ lives. For example, if you could sense that someone is about to murder you, you could prevent that from happening. Another example of this is if someone is thinking about assaulting you, and in doing so, hurting you physically and emotionally, you could stop that person from committing that action towards you. You could just rip out your pepper spray, and shower them with the acid-y chemicals. Pshhh!!!! After that, they wouldn’t dare lay a finger on you, let alone harm you in any way. 

    You could also be a real-life superhero with this new sixth sense. Going along with my above reasoning, you could be the one saving people from getting hurt. You know those superhero movies like Batman, Superman, and Captain America? Well, with this sixth sense you could be just like them, but just without the fancy suits and remarkably cool gadgets! 

Also, with the ability to sense and predict danger it would make everyone a nicer and more caring person because if they knew about the problem, they might be more inclined to prevent it from happening. For example, it’s different when you see something terrible, and know that you couldn’t prevent it from happening, because you’re either too far away from the incident, or aren’t strong enough to take on the attacker. Rather than knowing about the event before it happens, because even if you may not be physically able to save the person in danger, you might get a sudden rush of courage and adrenaline. 

Overall, the ability to sense danger would be the best sixth sense for all humans. Some people might say that being able to have one talent of your choosing might be a better sense for everyone because then they get to choose what they want as a sixth sense. People could choose the ability to sense danger as a talent, if they want to, but they could also choose any other talent of their choosing. But, I respectfully disagree with that for many reasons. For example, the main reason is that some humans in our society can’t be trusted with this decision, and some people might just not want to choose for themselves. 

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