Jan 19


I don't want to be invisible
I already see too much
I don't want to be telepathic
I already know too much
I don't want any money
or clothes or pillows or goldfish
it is hard enough to dust as it is.
the only thing I will ever ask for is this:
let me always say the right thing.
don't let anger fringe around the words
jealousy dirty the letters, 
pride turn things neon, 
because it makes me sad, 
when sympathy makes everything bleed together.
because I have so much I want to give you
but it seems I ran out of wrapping paper.
because there is so much I want to tell you
but the telephone line is down. 
and when I blink and hold my breath
please know that 
I'm stumbling through the words I know
you deserve the perfect response
the perfect paper chain of letters
and I want to be able to cut them out just right