Jan 19

History is History

I walk down
the busy streets,
and I spot
many different people,
many different things,
many different lives.
I see sister-in-laws
brothers arguing,
parents holding their 
children close. 
And I see history,
in every one of them.
Whether it's a history
of joy,
of sadness,
there is always history. 
Without someone's past,
there is no present,
no future. 
Without someone's mistakes,
there are no goals.
And though your past may 
create you,
define you,
it can't be
looked back upon constantly,
no matter how momentous
or weighted the events 
that lie there may be. 
Your history creates 
the blueprints for your future,
but you can do so much more than 
let your past become your future,
your life. 
You can mix things up a bit,
you can change,
you can get better,
you can become your own version of yourself. 
The past must stay in the past,
and the future is up to you.