Jan 20
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Oceans love

Oceans love

Her teeth firm, biting the rocks, 

moving her lips as the sand pulls back to her core. 

She pulls all into her warm heart, We stay there as warning. 

She changes Thee. Changing and shifting as she walks with her hair playing with the fish. 

She is a saint, as she holds her wings bowed so everyone may walk. 

Without her wings boats May not carry, Nor start. Blues and purples carry her hands, moving more and more as tsunami’s climb. 

She does not scare me, as most does. 

She soothes me with her tongue in her laugh.

 Without her wind and wild hair there would never be calm. 

Calm and wild go hand in hand as they walk with the gods of the sea, you. 

Freedom is perplexing, see-through and loved. cores find ground as they meet in the oceans’ love 

let it go she says.