Jan 20
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Sing it out

Sing it out

Sing for the broken, 

Sing for the free,

Sing for you and me. 
Write a song for the sea. 

As she stares at thee. 
Stars shall come, 

writing her words, 

as she flees. 
Show your love to the ones without, 

or with. 

Show your life to song. 
Prong the past, 

never fear, 

it’s not here. 
Cast to me, 

hear my song as I prove to you 

Nothing is wrong. 
Fast, let it out. 

Have nothing to lose

If you're ready to choose. 
Choose to love, 

or to sing. 

Let go of all the pain. 
Sing for the broken, 

sing for the free, 

sing for the fire, sing to not flee.
 Sing for you and you will never lose, promise me.