Jan 20

The Paternal Heirloom

I wonder how you live
Through a vague vision of self-dosing 
Copious amounts of forty percenter
Guiding you into a limitless hole of destruction; 
Leading you out of your kins life one wobbled step at a time.
The Clinique moisturizer refuses to fade the 
Blood vessels that line your scruffed poker face;
Your tremoring hands reveal all of your secrets. 
A bogus belief you are immortal since you 
Cleanse your innards with a distillery
Until you subconsciously trip into a midnight trance.
Disguising itself as everything else you
Gaslight yourself into thinking is the truth.
Even you cannot unlatch yourself from it’s 
Sunken claws; leaving hereditary scars;
Leaving younger generations to reap your consequences.

When pleading to Him to relinquish me of your actions
For the first time as an ultimate resort. 
He saluted with an unsettling smile;
An evolving image of you when I look in the mirror. 
My body begrudgingly acknowledges your features;
My sunken eyes, rife with your five o’clock fears;
My paranoid hands star in your misspelled signatures;
My smile personifies every white lie you told me.
I believed every single one until reality slapped me. 
Every wasted copper tinted wish to make you understand 
Has rusted over with erosion and a bloody tinge. 
I wonder how you live knowing you're already dead. 
About the Author: Sawyer Fell
i have a vision of what i want to do but the picture is too blurry and i can never remember to clean my glasses.