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The Story with No Meaning

Just another boring day at the park I thought. My friend, Alex and I were just playing street hockey when this weird lady who looked like those old witches that you see in movies walked up to me. She handed me a paper that said follow me. I asked her where we were going but she just kept walking and ignoring everything I said. Alex and I started walking and we decided to follow her. We were curious and wanted to find out what was out there.

Before I knew it, we were in the dark woods. I looked at my watch and it was already midnight! How did the time go by so quickly? My friend and I would have missed hockey practice for sure. When I looked at the lady, she was gone and we were stuck in the middle of the woods. I looked at my friend and when I turned back, I was at my house. How I thought? Now I was so confused because we were in a jail  in separate jail cells. HOW? I said. This is impossible.  I must be dreaming…

Then next thing I knew I was in bed and It was 2:00am.  I went back to sleep thinking that it must have been a dream. When I woke up, I walked downstairs and got ready for school. 

While I was walking to school, I saw that lady again. She looked at me and glared.  A shiver ran up my spine so I ran to school. Finally I felt safe. I was at school and nothing ever goes wrong at school, right? I ran down the hall to pass all the lockers but something was missing. Alex's locker was gone like he never existed! I was questioning my whole life. I ran in the classroom and he was not there. His desk was gone. I asked the teacher what happened to him and all she said was, “Who is Alex?” After School I walked home and the same lady slipped me another note that said, Welcome to the story with no meaning…

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