Jan 21
fiction challenge: Spirit
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Never really alone

By Romae Martone

If I had a spirit, I think it would take form as a little girl, a younger me, if you will. A ghost of what I used to be, the younger me that had dreams of being a queen or a dancer.

She would follow me all of my life to see what we have become; she doesn't talk, just gives me judgmental glares or slight nods. Never giving too much away.

I like that she is always there, making sure we still make snow angels in the winter and eat too much ice cream in the summer. Just because I have gotten older, it doesn't mean that I have to abandon the child I used to be. I can still be her at times. Just because I have grown up slightly, it doesn't mean that I have to succumb to the idea that I can’t be a kid anymore.

I think that’s what a lot of people forget – that just because you are 20 or 30 or even 40, you can still play in the rain, have snowball fights in the winter, even have spontaneous dance parties until you can’t dance anymore.

And for the people that never got the childhood that you wanted, this is your time, be the child that you never could.

I’m not saying act like a kid all the time, but, yes, if you want those two desserts that you never had, have them now. Have a big cup of hot chocolate with extra whip cream.

That’s what, at least I think, our spirits are, the children that we used to be, and I think they are there to make sure that we never forget who we are. Who we used to be. We all have a part of us that never really grew up; sometimes it’s good to let that side out. Be the kid that you used to be.
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